Sergei Leikin: How to choose the best Nebulizer for your ICP-AES application

Pop some pop-corn, get your notepad and settle in to catch Sergei Leikin navigating through the murky waters of nebulizer selection.  During the 2015 Gulf Coast Conference, our resident expert covered concentric, parallel and cross-flow style ICP nebulizers and the merit of each for various applications.  He also goes into details about TSP’s line of nebulizers which provide an exceptional value for any analytical laboratory.

ICP-AES is a powerful and productive tool routinely used for analysis of many difficult samples in petrochemical industry. The sample introduction area, particularly the nebulizer, remains the “bottleneck” of ICP technology.

There are a large variety of nebulizers offered by both ICP manufacturers and nebulizer manufacturers.   That is why selecting “just the right” nebulizer for the particular sample type becomes the challenging task, even for an experienced ICP analyst.  As a guide to address this task, the differences in the nebulizer design and it’s impact on the practical performance for a number of applications will be presented.

The Gulf Coast Conference is an annual trade-show that covers the technical merits of just about any analytical methodology.  Traditionally it has focused on the petrochemical industry but has dramatically expanded to serve virtually all other markets.

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