The TSP Argon Humidifier

Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) spectrometers use argon gas to generate an aerosol from the liquid sample that is being tested.  The argon gas also carries the sample aerosol to the plasma where the analysis takes place.  Argon gas, by default, is moisture free, which works well for most samples, but not all!

Samples containing elevated amounts of salt and/or total dissolved solids (TDS) can be especially challenging when using normal, dry argon gas.  Analyzing these samples with normal argon gas will cause the tip of the nebulizer to get clogged with salts/tds deposits in a relatively short time.  The tip of the torch injector can also be compromised by a build-up of salts/tds on it’s inside diameter.  As the nebulizer and injector get “salted” up, the analysis begins to drift, ultimately ending up with an extinguished plasma, or worse, a clogged nebulizer!

TSP’s Mini Argon Humidifier (TSP P/N 12-0001) is a “must-have” if you are running samples with high salt content, or high total dissolved solids (TDS)!

Mini Argon Humidifier by TSP

Argon humidifiers are designed to introduce moisture into argon gas.  Placed in-line between between the argon supply and the nebulizer, the humidifier introduces moisture into the argon gas.  When the “wet” argon gas meets up with the “high salt” sample at the nebulizer, the salts/tds will remain in solution for a longer period of time.  This reduces the chance of the nebulizer tip and injector tip getting restricted or blocked by those pesky deposits.  Uninterrupted operation of the ICP is possible, even when the samples have extremely high salt content.

The Argon humidifier is a glass container having an inlet, outlet and a capped port where you fill it with de-ionized (DI) water.  Once the humidifier is filled about half-way with the DI water, the outlet is hooked up to the nebulizer and the inlet is connected to the argon source.  As the argon flows through the Mini Argon Humidifier, it passes through a frit and retains moisture as it bubbles through the DI water.

Argon Humidifier Installed

Argon Humidifier Installed

TSP provides pre-assembled adapters to quickly connect the Mini Humidifier into any ICP, including Perkin Elmer, Agilent, Thermo, Spectro, Leeman and more.

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